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We believe communities have an innate desire to liberate the good gift of beer from institutional taste, intolerable trends, and social extremes.

Beer has been held hostage far too long

After the failure of Prohibition, we accepted the same institutional taste manufactured by multiple companies that resulted in very little choice for consumers. 100 years later and we still consume almost 90% of all beer from two corporate conglomerates. It’s time to reform our views and values about what beer should be in our culture. Let’s treat beer as the gift it is and liberate it from the shackles of the past.


Institutional Taste

Start drinking locally made beer that comes from people in your community.


Intolerable Trends

You don’t need an apple in your lager. Beer should taste like beer.


Social Extremes

Seek balance between abuse and prohibition. Moderation is a virtue.



Advocate for more choice, more jobs, and more freedom.
Make a difference in four simple steps:

Stay Vigilant

Subscribe to beer news & share the knowledge.

Stand Together

Join the Craft Brewers Guild and make a difference.

Drink Well

Order what you love and be sure it’s made well.

Demand Better

Contact your local representative and demand better laws.



The Mayor of Woodstock and Cherokee County delegates from the House and Senate recently proclaimed Friday, July 1st, 2016 as the official Set Beer Free Day in the City of Woodstock, GA. Cheers to those who stay vigilant, stand together, drink well, and demand better!

Join us as we celebrate the good gift of beer with all communities.

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